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Representing Texas Workers Injured In Oil, Gas Or Fracking Accidents

Jobs in oil fields, fracking operations and natural gas sites provide valuable income for a growing number of families in Texas. They also provide sudden, violent accidents — and serious injuries that can change and end lives instantly.

If you or a family member has broken bones, respiratory or neurological damage from toxic exposures, severe burns from a fire or explosion or a crushing injury from use of malfunctioning heavy equipment, you need an experienced work accident and third-party claims legal team on your side. And you need it now.

In Greater San Antonio, the attorneys who work hard to make you "whole" — health-wise, financially and emotionally as you struggle to recover — are Cruz Injury Lawyers, P.C.

How We Can Make A Difference For You

We listen carefully to your account of your fracking or natural gas site accident, research your claim, prepare your case and generally advocate for your needs throughout the legal process.

Injuries you may have sustained, illnesses you could have been exposed to, may linger for the rest of your life. You deserve maximum financial compensation that defrays injury-related expenses, pays for your health care, gets you back on your feet — and back on the job.

We strive for these money damages through intense investigation, skillful negotiations with insurers and tenacious trial representation that gets results. And while we deliver these quality legal services, we are never far from you, always available to address tough questions and comfort your concerns. We also want you to be comforted by the contingency fee basis for our work; you owe no attorney fees unless we win your case.

If You Can't Come To Us, We Can Come To You

Your initial consultation is free and can be conducted at your home or hospital room if you are too injured to travel to us. Call our San Antonio lawyers today at 210-224-4474 or send an email message.

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